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A journey with hope to offer affordable global healthcare through Advanced Genetics

Tvaster Genkalp is a healthcare company, established in May 2021, specializing in Liquid Biopsy for determining DNA aberrations. 

At Tvaster Genkalp, we offer molecular diagnostic solutions for cancer by focusing on identification of genetic and epigenetic modifications enabling oncologists for making informed decisions. We intend to bridge the gap that exists between clinicians and scientists for innovating solutions that provide simple, affordable and accessible healthcare for all. 


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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide clinically relevant information to clinicians for improving the quality of life for cancer patients. We are developing multiple advanced liquid biopsy (blood sample) methodologies for detecting genetic aberrations including mutations and epigenetic alterations that are essential for arriving at appropriate treatment regimen for cancer patients.


Srikar Raman
Co-Founder and CEO
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"An innovator with experience in biotech products and gene delivery platforms. An alumnus from University of Illinois"
Co-Founder and CSO
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"A Scientist specialised in the field of genetic engineering with 10 years of experience in biotech field"


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