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Episcreen Liver

Epigenetic-based Liquid Biopsy for Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC)

A first-of-its kind liquid biopsy for HCC screening, surveillance, treatment response and recurrence monitoring.

One Product. Multifaceted Applications

A must-have solution for Chronic Liver Disease patients to detect HCC at early stages

Chronic Liver Disease patients are at-high-risk of developing HCC

Episcreen Liver

Regular screening can help detect HCC at an early stage when treatment is more effective and outcomes are better

Early Detection

Surveillance is important for individuals with hepatitis infection, cirrhosis, or a family history of liver cancer.

Monitoring High-Risk Individuals

Surveillance helps healthcare providers make informed decisions about treatment options and strategies.

Guiding Treatment Decisions

Detecting HCC with better modalities reduces costs associated with treatment and improves quality of life.

Reducing Healthcare Costs

Offering Novel Ways to Detect Cancer

Tvaster's technology seamlessly combines epigenetics, liquid biopsy and ddPCR for efficient cancer screening 

Episcreen Liver


Determine genetic and epigenetic alterations using, a simple blood based, minimally invasive test

Episcreen Liver


Based on the diagnosis, determine the risk mitigation strategies

Episcreen Liver


Make informed decisions based on genetic and epigenetic markers for personalised healthcare decisions

Solving real world problem. Developed by scientists and clinicians

Tvaster's scientists closely work with leading clinicians and oncologists to deliver solutions to real-world problems

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Industry Awards


Clinical Studies

Image by Jason Dent
Young Investigator Award from International Liver Transplant Society

ILTS has awarded Tvaster Genkalp the "Young Investigator Award" for the work titled "INTEGRATION OF A NOVEL LIQUID BIOPSY-BASED METHYLATION PROFILING PLATFORM WITH ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE ENABLES BCLC STAGING". The work focuses on using Episcreen Liver for Hepatocellular Carcinoma staging. The 2024 Annual Congress of ILTS is scheduled for May 1st to 4th in Houston, USA. 

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